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Holistic Personalised Financial Planning Services in Gawler

Every financial planning service is designed to make a real difference

As your local financial planner in Gawler, we combine decades of experience and technology adoption to give you the best possible advice. We provide holistic personalised financial planning services that empowers you to make well-informed financial decisions.

We work with you to bring your financial needs together into a plan that simplifies your life, providing peace of mind.
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Personal Finance

Cash Flow Management and Budgeting
The key to financial security is knowing what you earn and spend and creating a strategy to build on what you have. With the Alex Brown Platform, you can have full visibility of your finances; create a budget and saving targets; and track your progress towards your goals. Take control of your finances today by contacting your local financial planner in Gawler!

Centrelink Entitlements
Dealing with Centrelink is time consuming and confusing, and it’s easy to end up owing money or missing out on benefits you’re entitled to. We can help by assessing your entitlements, assisting you with applications and managing your ongoing eligibility.

Debt Management

Debt can be positive if you’re building a property portfolio, but negative if it causes you stress and anxiety. If credit cards, loans and other debts keep you up at night, we can advise on strategies and changes that will relieve the stress and get you out of debt as quickly as possible.

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Insurance/Estate Planning

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Personal Insurance
We can help you protect both yourself and those you love by analysing your current situation and advising on the right personal insurance products for you. This could include life, total and permanent disability (TPD), critical illness, and income protection insurance.

Business Insurance
It’s easy to get busy working in the business and forget to put processes in place to protect the asset you’ve built. Your own business financial planner in Gawler can advise on relevant business insurance products for your needs, such as key person insurance. We can also help with exit strategies and succession planning.

Estate Planning
It’s vital to ensure that both your loved ones and your wealth are protected if you pass away. We will assist with your plans for intergenerational wealth transfer and philanthropy – ensuring you can continue to support the causes that mean so much to you.


Retirement Planning
Before you retire, make sure you’re financially ready. We can analyse your retirement needs and help you set goals to reach income objectives. We can also stress test for the longevity of your capital to ensure you won’t run out.

Retirement Income Financing
Don’t spend nights worrying about whether you have enough to live on when you retire. We will manage your income needs in retirement, including Centrelink age pension benefits, Australian and foreign pension schemes, annuities and account-based pensions.

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Superannuation Products
It’s tempting to avoid dealing with super, but it’s essential for your long-term financial position. We can help find the right product, construct your portfolio and advise you on contributions. Our aim is to ensure the best possible life for you in retirement.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)
If you’d prefer to manage your own super, we can establish your SMSF and advise you on getting the most out of it. This includes developing the best investment strategies and appropriate portfolio construction. We can also provide ongoing management of the fund.

Portfolio Management

Saving Money and Building Wealth
We can discuss your short and long-term wealth goals and develop strategies to achieve them, including financial targets and timeframes.

Salary Packaging

When done correctly, salary packaging (or sacrificing) is an ideal strategy for saving money and building wealth. You can pay for certain items in pre-tax dollars and then pay less tax on the amount that’s left. We can show you exactly how it works and help set it up for you.

Property Investment

Property is a great way to build wealth, but it needs to be structured correctly from the start to be successful. We can give you strategic advice about purchasing and managing property, and on structuring your portfolio to have the greatest chance for success.

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